Culture as Catalyst: Redefining Cultural Tourism for Sustainable Destinations

Dario Patrizio Imperatore
Dario Patrizio Imperatore

ENAT received the invitation to join SmartCulTour at our final conference on "Culture as Catalyst: Redefining Cultural Tourism for Sustainable Destinations” on 24th May from 9:00 to 18:00 h in Brussels. Speakers will include UNESCO, the European Commission (various DGs), the European Parliament, ICOMOS, and leading EU and National cultural and tourism bodies as we debate the future of cultural tourism in Europe.

Please find attached the latest version of the program. Further information and registration are available at the following link:

During the event, will take a wider look at the latest trends and challenges in cultural tourism, introduce SmartCulTour project tools that can support such a “rethink” and share results with key target audiences, experts, stakeholders (national and international), policy makers and invited participants.

There is no attendance fee but participants will need to provide for their own travel and accommodation, if they are not based in Brussels. The conference venue will be the Vlaamse Overheid Herman Teirlinckgebouw, 88 Avenue du Port, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.

Please share this information with friends and peers who share your passion for cultural tourism.