Project Results:

1. IMPACTOUR Tool - Decision-support system for Cultural Tourism Site/Destination managers

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As a user of the Tool you can input and visualise Cultural Tourism data, access the decision support process and follow the impact that the proposed actions have on your decisions.

2. Public Deliverables and Reports

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Updated 30/6/2023.

 Deliverable title + download link

 Deliverable description

D1.1 Report on cultural tourism leading to sustainable economic and social development

Linking cultural tourism with the increase in economic competitiveness and social welfare of regions and countries.

D1.3 Identification of tools for Cultural Tourism impact assessment

Analysis of non-traditional sources of social and economic data (incl. big data) and their potential for impact assessments in the field of cultural tourism.

D1.4 Recommendations on tools for fostering and forecasting impact of tourism strategies

Recommendations for cultural tourism development strategies

D2.1 List of criteria and indicators to carry out the comparative assessment

First version of the identified criteria and searching indicators to select a good case in each type of cultural tourism type.

D3.2 Stakeholders engagement plan

This deliverable describes how stakeholders will be involved in data collection phases.

D3.3 Data collection methodology

This deliverable describes how the data collection will happen.

D7.2 Dissemination and Exploitation Plan (DEP)

This “working document” is produced to plan dissemination of project aims, activities and results during the project's implementation. Also describes exploitation plans, considering consortium as a whole, stakeholders involvement, field tests – validation, relation to other research activities, publication identification, methodology, benefits vs risks, standardisation, possible joint ventures and licensing agreement.

D7.4 1st Report on communication and visibility actions

Visual identity, website, communication material (flyer/postcard/pop-up poster) and social media developed in the project.