Palentian Romanesque, Spain

In the north of Castile and León region (Spain), at Palentian mountain, there is one of the largest concentrations of Romanesque heritage in Europe. Here are old monasteries, small churches and hermitages still in use, as well as elements of liturgical furnishings, such as baptismal records, which make up a complete catalogue dated between the final years of the 11th century and the first decades of the 13th.

This concentration of heritage sites (more than 130) in beautiful natural landscapes has favoured the development of a cultural tourism that year after year attracts people interested in Romanesque art. The interest for this art has also promoted the organisation of a small creative and cultural industries hub, where specialised courses, workshops, concerts or exhibitions are organised offering resources to visitors for a better knowledge of the medieval culture, apart from many emerging small enterprises in the culture and tourism sectors. In addition, public funds have been allocated to support several conservation and restoration programmes of the Romanesque monuments, something essential for its value as a tourist resource.

Photo credit: Frieze with Christ and apostles over entrance of the village of Moarves, south of Cervera de Pisuerga. Tom Ambrose