Rab, Croatia

Rab is an island (and a town) in Croatian Adriatic Sea. The island has an area of 93.6 km2 and 9,328 inhabitants. Its history goes back to 360 BC and the roman emperor Octavian Augustus gave Rab the title of Municipium.

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Throughout its history, the island of Rab was under the direction of several Croatian rulers, the Venetians, Napoleon, the Habsburg monarchy and the Republic of Croatia. The island of Rab is rich in cultural heritage and cultural- historical monuments that make it a popular vacation destination.

Many churches and town squares on the island of Rab have not changed their primary role as the centre of the cultural living since the Roman days. The island is nowadays very popular with tourists for its beautiful nature, beaches, heritage and many events, particularly the Rab arbalest tournament and the Rab Medieval festival: Rapska Fjera.

Aerial view of Rab. Photo Rab Tourist Board

Rab, view of sea and town

Cultural Tourism

Before the COVID 19 pandemic (2019), The Town of Rab counted approx. 1,4 million overnight stays and almost 200 thousand visitors. Tourists visiting Rab are mostly from Germany, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia and Hungary. The historic centre of the Town of Rab is a place of bigger cultural attraction with smaller ones in the other parts of the jurisdiction of the Town of Rab. With projects like “Rab Archaeological (T)Races” where we combined outdoor activities and archaeological and cultural findings. We’re starting with a new project in March 2021 with “Virtual museum of fishery, maritime and shipbuilding” that will include a web application and 13 points of interest. Also, from this year we have started implementation of IQM Destination programme that will continuously monitor the quality of the destination and its offer (as well as the cultural offer). In this COVID 19 period it is hard to maintain cultural tourism activities and projects like Rabska fjera (The Rab Fair), however, we hope it will soon be possible to get back on track with it.


Other recent EU Projects in Rab

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Key information
Rab Tourist Board.
Address:  Trg Municipium Arba 8, 51280 Rab, Croatia.
GPS location: Longitude 14.7621 Latitude 44.7555
Number of inhabitants: 7850
Area type: Urban
Number of tourism enterprises: about 10
Credits/ Recognitions / Awards: about 20

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