São Jorge Island

São Jorge island is part of the Central Group of the Archipelago of the Azores, being the third island of the ‘Ilhas Triangulo’ – a triangle in the center of the Azores, formed by São Jorge and the neighboring islands of Pico and Faial. In terms of landscaping, you can admire the central mountain range that crosses almost the entire length of the island, with the contrast of the jagged coastline, dotted with the typical fajãs that extend into the sea. In some cases, there is only pedestrian access, so the trails are one of the best ways to discover these natural beauties, with paths suitable for various physical conditions and specialized monitoring. With 9.171 inhabitants, the island of São Jorge is best known for its fajãs, which are small plains that originated from landslides or lava, and there is more than 40 on the island, the reason why São Jorge is called the island of fajãs and they are classified by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve. As cultural tourism attractions, you may experience the tastiest clams, crystal-clear lagoons, and natural pools and get to admire São Jorge’s parcelled land for subsistence agriculture, stone houses, waterfalls, and much more.




Contact person for the Impactour project: Luís Silveira



Velas Town Hall: Rua de São João | 9800-539 Velas;
Calheta Town Hall: Rua 25 de Abril, 9850-032 Calheta
Open Street Map/GPS location: 28º 33' W and 38º 24' N.


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Key information

Number of inhabitants: 9.171
Area: Natural 
Number of tourism enterprises: 73


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Fajãs de São Jorge are classified by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve


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