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Corvo is the smallest and the northernmost island of the Azores, with an area of only 17.1 km2. It has a volcanic origin and a population of approximately 384 inhabitants. 

It is a picturesque and unusual village that features facades of black stone with white trimmed windows and doors, and narrow streets. A known remaining tradition is the craftsmen of Corvo, present in the wooden locks on the doors of the houses, symbolizing life on a peaceful island where everyone knows everyone else.

The places with the most interest to visit are the Church of Nossa Senhora dos Milagres and the Corvo Visitors’ Centre. As a natural attraction, Caldeirão do Corvo draws attention for its beauty and unique scenery, resulting from the sedimentation of a volcanic crater. Caldeirão is part of the Island of Corvo Natural Park, an important natural reserve that advocates the preservation of the entire region. 


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Contact Person for the Impactour project: José Silva
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Postal address: Corvo Town Hall: Rua Jogo da Bola, Corvo, 9980-024


Município do Corvo 

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Key information

Number of inhabitants: 384

Area: Natural  

Number of tourism enterprises: 9

Open Street Map/GPS location: 31º 05' W and 39º 40' N.

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Corvo Island is considered by Unesco a World Biosphere Reserve


Coat of Arms of the Municipality of Corvo