São Miguel Island, Portugal

São Miguel island is the largest island in the Azores, with a total surface of 759.41 km2 and with a total of 137.856 inhabitants. This island is perfect for tourists who love keeping active and enjoy numerous activities outdoor, such as kayaking, paddle boarding, diving, surfing, canyoning, coasteering, sailing, fishing, hiking, road cycling, and mountain biking, as the island has an excellent variety of walking trails and cycling routes around the most wonderful places. The Azores are Europe’s number one destination for whale and dolphin watching, and São Miguel Island is perfect for tourists who like to get to know the sea life. São Miguel’s origin is volcanic, and Furnas is the place where the activity is stronger, where you can find many mineral-rich springs, geysers, and natural spas, attracting many tourists, in addition to the famous Cozido das Furnas, cooked in the hot boilers. To the west is the island’s largest caldera Sete Cidades, which is a must-see destination for tourists for its extraordinary beauty. In town, the capital Ponta Delgada is a welcoming, friendly city where you can see everything on foot and enjoy the amazing gastronomy.  Ponta Delgada is also the best-connected city to the outside world, with direct flights to several destinations. 


Contact details:

Contact person per the Impacour project: Nuno Martins    





  • Ponta Delgada Town Hall: Praça do Município, 9504-523, Ponta Delgada
  • Lagoa Town Hall: Largo D. João III, 9560-045, Lagoa 
  • Ribeira Grande Town Hall: Largo Conselheiro Hintze Ribeiro, 9600-509, Ribeira Grande
  • Vila Franca do Campo Town Hall: Praça da República 9680-115 - Vila Franca do Campo
  • Nordeste Town Hall: Praça da República 9630-141, Nordeste
  • Povoação Town Hall: Praça do Município, 2, 9650-411, Povoação

Open Street Map/GPS location: 25º30' W and 37º50' N.

Information for tourists: ILHA DE SÃO MIGUEL

Key information

Number of inhabitants: 137.856
Area: Natural  
Number of tourism enterprises: 502


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São Miguel island Natural Park establishes 23 protected areas, being Furnas and Sete Cidades two of the Protected Landscape Areas of the park