Košice, Slovakia

Košice is a city full of contrasts.
A city full of historical stories embroidered not only by the images of modern days of the future. It’s a city that delights an enthusiastic adventurer, a visionary, and a passionate Bon vivant who falls for its present moment. Neverending loud conversations on summer terraces, dancing lessons in a hidden courtyard, and a friendly street musician. These are the people who bring the city’s vibe to life.

Virvar kids theaters festival

The local ones or those who stop here just for a brief encounter. They observe, cherish and cultivate its stories.
It is also a city with its own speed—you may fall in love with the slow mornings with a cup of coffee or nightlife doomed to be forgotten. This city doesn’t judge, doesn’t pretend. And it is definitely not a boring one.
Its essence is created through the authentic atmosphere of everyday moments.
Košice is a city that isn’t afraid to take spontaneous actions. A city beating in its own rhythm can be experienced only in person. Come and explore Košice with us—a uniquely Central European metropolis.

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