Fikardou, Cyprus

The village of Fikardou is a small, rural settlement built on the southeastern slopes of the Troodos Mountain range, about 32km southwest of Nicosia, Cyprus. Fikardou is one of only a few examples of a traditional Cypriot settlement that has remained unspoiled over time and has managed to keep both its architectural features and traditional way of life. It presents a harmonious relationship between the built and the natural environment, enabling a perspective of the cultural landscape.

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Today the entire village is a living museum and has been placed on the Tentative List of UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and registered as an Ancient Monument by the Republic of Cyprus Department of Antiquities.
The village attracts over 16,000 visitors annually and while open all year round the highest concentration attending over the Christmas period when Fikardou hosts a Cypriot Christmas Village fare.

The village is small with less than forty buildings and a population of just thirty-eight. Fikardou is limited by its status on what can be physically changed in the village and its immediate environs but has a number of tourist attractions, a museum, and a church which combined with village walking routes contribute to understanding the traditional village life of Cyprus. The village has expanded its offering to include cycle and walking routes around the area and has ambitions to develop its intangible heritage offering further by capitalizing on its agricultural and gastronomy legacy.



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Address: Community Council, Fikardou 2623, Cyprus


Other information

Area: Rural, 5.5 km2

Number of inhabitants: 38 

Number of tourism enterprises: 3

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